Clients Are Saying...

"Murthy is the best law firm on immigration matters!"

Soorejkumar Suresh
Acton, MA

"Very detail oriented and client focused. They are very cognizant about time sensitivity when they are processing your case.

"You know you are in safe hands when your case is handled by Murthy Law Firm."

Amit Rao
Austin, TX

"Worth the time and fees we pay to MLF. Above all - peace of mind - no matter what the difficulty or issues, if it's legally possible, rest assured, it'll be resolved successfully for the best interest of the MLF client/s.
What a great help! Worth remembering MLF as We know immigration matters! Core knowledge, sincerity, honesty, and professionalism are always a highlight in everything MLF does for its clients."

Chidananda Murthy
Fremont, CA

"The attorneys were a pleasure to work with. Courteous and use their listening skills (essential communication skill, imho)."

Lakshmi Subramanian
Los Angeles, CA

"I found Murthy Law Firm after some research online and immediately got in touch with them, as the reviews were very good. I decided to test it out, since the pricing they offered was very decent. From beginning to end, their dedication to my case has been flawless. I would strongly recommend Murthy to anyone who is looking for immigration support, as they really know what they are doing."

Aygul Khabibulina
Jersey City, NJ

"You people provide awesome services to your clients. Thank you."

Madhukar Neerukonda
Atlanta, GA

"I am 100% satisfied with Murthy Law Firm service. [The] attorney and team handled my case (EB2 GC) very well - no complaint at all. I am impressed with the technology and experience of the Murthy Law Firm. I highly recommend them for any immigration matter! Leave all tension and complications in Murthy's hands. Thanks to my attorney and paralegal team for providing the best support in getting my green card."

Mital Patel
Waltham, MA

"Murthy Law Firm, led by Ms. Sheela Murthy, is one of the leading immigration law firms, which is known not only for excellent representation in immigration matters, but also to find unique, innovative solutions to one's immigration challenges."

Santosh Shanbhag
Providence, RI

"I was very happy with the services provided. They did a great job on documentation. They are quick to response to any questions or concerns. The attorney was helpful and gave guidance on my education qualification and how it would benefit my green card application.

"Overall, they are very professional, detailed in their work, and easy to work with, which resulted in success for my case. I strongly recommend their service for any kind of situation."

Rajiv Ravola
Bourbonnais, IL

"Everyone has to research their case. But if you want the best legal advice, and best course of action, Murthy is the one. I have [been a client of] Murthy since 2013, to file my EAD/AP, take over my complete GC case, successfully file a lawsuit against USCIS, and file FOIA to retrieve information from USCIS. Although some problems are outside any lawyer's control, if you have even a little chance in your case, Murthy will find out the angles that give you the maximum chance of success."

Vivek Jaiswal
Los, CA

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