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"[The] Murthy Law Firm, was very helpful all the way during our waiver application from the receptionist, paralegal and everyone that we touched point with. From day one myself and my wife felt a genuine interest in our case by Kevin our representative attorney. He listened to us and was with us through the wait time and he was always responsive. Thank you guys for your help!"

Tolu Ayiloge
Herndon, Virginia

"We just got to know from USCIS that our green cards have been ordered for production. Please convey our special thanks to Sheela and her wonderful team for their special efforts in getting this done for us in a timely manner. I honestly believe that no other law firm could have done this as professionally and as efficiently as the Murthy Law Firm."

Rajesh Raghunath


"After almost 7 long years, our family has finally received the precious green card and that was through the help of the organized and highly professional Murthy Law Firm. We highly recommend Murthy Law Firm for all your immigration matters."

Marvin Soriano
Centreville, VA

"Thank you, Team Murthy! You did a fantastic work on all my cases. I am proud to say that I am your client since year 2001. You handled all my cases with precision and utmost efficacy. I recently received my green card and closed another chapter successfully. Because of your professional system this entire process went smoothly. The entire Murthy team - receptionists, paralegals, and attorneys - are resourceful and compassionate. The main thing is that they do connect with people and with their problems. Consultation with attorneys was always helpful and reassuring that the best team is working on our side. It was a pleasant experience. For any immigration matters, Murthy Law Firm is my recommendation to all my friends."

Sudhir Narayan
Cypress, TX

"The only thing I regretted was not using Murthy from the beginning process of my green card. During the last step of my green card process, I received an evidence request from USCIS and my own attorney was not confident that I would receive green card approval... . I looked at other attorney services, but they either refused or were unable to provide me with  confidence they could move forward with me.

"I then consulted with Murthy and was surprised at how professional and friendly they were to talk to. They were willing to listen to my case, and were open about how we could submit the evidence.

"They are very honest, and confident in their work. Even though our consultation and correspondence are only via telephone and eMail, I can hear their belief in immigration and that, creates trust.

"I have recommended (will continue to do so) their service to my friends that need any type of immigration services."

New York, NY

"My company used Murthy Law Firm for my H1B visa and amendments. They are highly professional. The responded to all my queries in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Murthy Law Firm."

Praveen Nagarajan
Bartlesville, OK

"I am happy with services offered by Murthy Law Firm. I did my visitor visa extension and GC process through this firm, and it was a pleasant experience. The staff was courteous and knowledgeable."

Sridhar Mylavarapu
Woodinville, Washington

“This is the only the law firm can successfully handle most complex immigration cases in my opinion.”

"I would like to thank Murhy law firm for their exceptional immigration legal services. The firm's experience and in-depth knowledge of immigration law speaks for itself. ... My case involved unique, complex immigration issues. Before approaching the Murhy Law firm, there were 3 different law firms that handled my case, and they could not obtain success, resulting in a loss of so many valuable years in my life.

"After approaching the Murthy Law Firm and my initial discussion with Sheela Murthy, she has thoroughly assessed my case and assigned to a very capable attorney in her firm, who did an extraordinary job. If I had not approached the Murthy Law Firm, after living 15 years in America, I might have ended up having to leave this great county.

"Again my entire family is indebted for the effort, moral support and patience that attorney Sheela Murthy & ... her staff has provided. With their invaluable help finally I got my green card.

"Thank you, Murthy Law Firm. Thank you all."

Rajasekhar Vendra
Edison, New Jersey

"The Murthy Law Firm is the best in the business. My green card case was approved within a few months of filing with Murthy Law Firm. I am highly impressed with unmatched excellence in providing top-quality immigration representation. I would not hesitate hiring their services in the future. I would highly recommend Murthy Law Firm to everyone who wants the best lawyers for immigration."

Rodica Cadareanu
Redding, Connecticut

"[The Murthy Law Firm] and [are] the best possible shot you can have at your H1B application. Loved it! ZERO technical errors in your application, always available paralegal / attorney to answer any queries."

Shankar Bellam
Houston, Texas

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