Meet the Murthy Law Firm: Robin Owens

The dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals, and support staff at the Murthy Law Firm is integral to our success. Day after day, they help to fulfill the dreams of our clients through their integrity, diligence, and commitment to excellence. To introduce our readers to the dozens of individuals who come together to make our clients and our firm successful, we periodically present one of our exceptional team members. This entry in our continuing series, Meet the Murthy Law Firm, shines the spotlight on legal assistant Robin Owens.

Robin began working at the firm in 2000, back when it was known as the Law Office of Sheela Murthy. She recalls how much the firm has changed as it has grown exponentially over the years. “Back then, I knew all the names [of everyone in the firm]. Now it’s harder to know all the names because there are so many people here now. The growth has been amazing!” She relishes her role as a main point of contact with clients. “I’m the contact person who calls the client to say, ‘I have your approval notice!’ They’re always very happy and excited, because they’ve been anxious about getting their case approved, and now here’s the thing that will let them stay here and work and support their family. It’s the American dream to be here legally, and feel comfortable, and get your family situated,” she says.

Robin has fully embraced her role at the firm, appreciating the warm and supportive working environment that welcomes her each day when she comes to work. “The Murthy Law Firm is a real family-oriented company, and Sheela and Vasant are great bosses … they make you want to do your best for the clients – which we do. I enjoy coming to work here every day!”


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