Meet the Murthy Law Firm: Tiffany Shook

The dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals, and support staff at the Murthy Law Firm is integral to our success. Day after day, they help to fulfill the dreams of our clients through their integrity, diligence, and commitment to excellence. To introduce our readers to the dozens of individuals who come together to make our firm thrive, we periodically present one of our exceptional team members. This entry in our continuing Meet the Murthy Law Firm series shines the spotlight on paralegal coordinator for the H1B/nonimmigrant department Tiffany Shook.

Growing up amidst the pastoral beauty of Carroll County, Maryland, Tiffany knew from an early age that she wanted to stay close to home. After all, that’s where her family and friends are. As she puts it, “I was never the type of person to chase a career in another city. Being around people I love means more to me than having a job in Chicago, or anywhere else.” Spending time enjoying nature with her family is also a bonus of living in a rural setting, and she makes sure to involve her daughter Bianca in outings. “My husband and I are outdoors people. We love hiking, swimming, yard work – anything that gets us outside. This is our time to talk and catch up and really listen to each other.”

Tiffany attributes her reverence for nature to time spent as a child with her father’s family. “I used to go camping with them, in Western Maryland. My father is one hundred percent Native American – Cherokee and Blackfoot – and he used to take me to tribal events when I was little. Native Americans are very spiritual people, very in tune with the environment and the outdoors, and this is where I got my love of being outside. … It’s a simpler way of life. You learn that things don’t make you happy – that what’s really important is your family and the relationships you have.”

After graduating from college, Tiffany found herself working as retail manager. While she enjoyed the work, she craved a more challenging job and was encouraged by a friend who worked at the Murthy Law Firm to apply for a paralegal position. “I sent in a resume, and the rest, as they say, is history!” Tiffany proved to be exceptional at her job, rising through the ranks to ultimately become coordinator for the entire H1B / Nonimmigrant department. In this role, she knows she must employ a high degree of empathy for clients, along with meticulous attention to details. “Communicating with our clients is a big part of the job – about 75 percent of it involves tracking down the documents we need to prove our case. But there’s also a lot of emotion involved, and you have to be able to put yourself in the client’s shoes.” Fortunately, the caring environment fostered by Sheela Murthy means that Tiffany feels supported in her job duties. “It’s really a pleasure to work for Sheela and Vasant … they are incredibly generous … it’s nice to work for a company that actually cares about you as an individual – not just as a number.”


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