How to Participate

  • Log in with a Nickname, which is your screen name for that session.
  • A second popup warning appears after you have entered your Nickname and clicked “Connect.” This popup states, “Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern.” Click “No” to proceed to the MurthyChat.
  • Post brief, non case-specific questions in the chat window.
  • All posted questions go to the screener, who selects them and passes them to the attorney.
  • Participants do not see any questions until they are released to the attorney by the screener.
  • Once the question is visible, the attorney is typing a response.


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What to Know

  • The MurthyChat is another FREE service offered to the entire immigrant community. You do not have to pay or subscribe to anything special to participate. You do not have to be a client of our firm to participate.
  • The purpose of this chat is to clarify the law, so we do not respond to detailed, nuanced questions. Try to form your question so that it is not case specific – word it as a general query about the law. Questions not specifically related to U.S. immigration law are not answered. Multiple posting of the same question makes our task of sorting them more difficult.
  • We will not respond to questions about engaging the firm or about fees. If you are interested in engaging the legal services of the Murthy Law Firm for your immigration matters, contact us through our website or send an eMail to law [at]

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