43On matters of U.S. immigration law, our firm can conveniently and efficiently represent clients located anywhere within or outside the United States. This is possible because immigration law is purely federal in nature. No state in the U.S. is allowed to pass any legislation in connection with immigration matters under the doctrine of preemption.

The internet has changed everything. In today’s digital marketplace, consumers have more options and vastly more freedom of choice. Geography is no longer an obstacle: you can buy just what you want from almost anywhere you are.

Likewise, digital communications allow unprecedented freedom when it comes to choosing an immigration lawyer. You no longer have to hire someone who is local. Now you can hire the best, no matter where you live.

The Murthy Law Firm provides top-flight immigration counsel for a world that moves at digital speed. We use the latest technology – creatively and effectively – to serve our clients better. Across the country and around the world, our clients find it easy to stay in touch and get timely answers by phone, eMail, express mail, and secure web-based communication.

How well does this work? Our firm has grown steadily by meeting the needs of clients wherever they may live, whether around the corner or thousands of miles away. Satisfied clients have been the engine of our growth. As one client wrote, “Dealing with Sheela Murthy’s office in Baltimore, MD, is even more convenient than using a lawyer in my own city! The use of eMails, phone, fax, and overnight mail makes the distance really unimportant.”

For all our technological innovation, we never forget that our work is about helping people, and we always offer that personal touch!


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