Dear Murthy Law Firm Clients:

As you are well aware, the mid-Atlantic and the northeast are dealing with the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. The U.S. President and several state Governors, including in Maryland, have declared a State of Emergency. All reports indicate that the Hurricane will be of epic proportions and one of the worst in decades. While early projections were for the eye of the storm to make landfall in Ocean City, Maryland, fortunately for us, and unfortunately for those to the north, the center of the storm has moved a bit to the north and is expected to make landfall in New Jersey, later this evening, on Monday, Oct. 29th, 2012.

To take care of our Murthy Law Firm family, our valued staff, we have closed the Firm on Monday, Oct. 29th afternoon, for half a day. The attorneys and staff are working on your files to ensure timely filings of all time sensitive cases and to ensure filing cases within deadlines. We all care deeply about you and your family and will continue to take good care of you, our valued clients, while also ensuring the safety and security of our Murthy Law Firm family, our valued staff.

We believe that we have a successful plan in place to deal with this emergency. We will update you when things change. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We pray for the well being and safety of all concerned.

Very truly yours,

Sheela Murthy
President and Founder