Outbound Immigration

Your business is global, so sometimes you and your team need to travel globally. As good as technology is at bringing everyone together, there are times when meeting face-to-face is the most expedient way to cut through cross-communication and cross-cultural confusion, to maintain your company’s productive track.

In addition to being a leading U.S. immigration law firm, the Murthy Law Firm assists clients with their outbound immigration needs. Our attorneys work in conjunction with local counsel to ensure a holistic approach to each client’s global immigration needs. A non-exhaustive list of the types of cases that can be handled by the Murthy team includes:

  • NAFTA work visas in Canada and Mexico
  • Canadian permanent residency
  • Canadian Labour Market Impact Assessments
  • International intercompany transfers
  • U.K. investor visas
  • Indian business and film visas
  • Australian work visas, such as the 457
  • Australian permanent residency
  • Chinese work visas, such as the M class

Countries around the world vary in their visa requirements for U.S. citizens crossing their borders for short-term work projects or long-term foreign posts. Compliance is complicated and the rules are constantly changing. Let the Murthy team assist with your need for outbound immigration.

How We Can Help You

  • The Murthy Law Firm helps you understand everything you need, from applying for the appropriate visa and work permit.
  • Our team can help with the applications for derivative family members.
  • We can advise and prepare you for your consular interview.
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