Outbound Immigration

Today’s global marketplace requires employers and their employees to be flexible. As good as technology is at bringing everyone together, there are times when meeting face-to-face is the most expedient way to seek new opportunities, cut through cross-communication and cross-cultural confusion, and maintain your company’s healthy growth.

In addition to being a leading U.S. immigration law firm, the Murthy Law Firm assists clients with their outbound immigration needs. Our attorneys work in conjunction with local counsel to ensure a holistic approach to each client’s global immigration needs. Following is a list of some of the types of cases that can be handled by the Murthy team. Contact our office to make further inquiries.

  • NAFTA work visas in Canada and Mexico
  • Canadian Permanent Residency
  • Canadian Labour Market Impact Assessments
  • International Intercompany Transfers
  • U.K. Investor Visas
  • Indian Business and Film Visas
  • Australian Work Visas, such as the 457
  • Australian Permanent Residency
  • Chinese Work Visas, such as the M class

Countries around the world vary in their visa requirements for individuals crossing their borders for short-term work projects or long-term foreign posts. Compliance is complicated and the rules are constantly changing. Let the Murthy team assist with your need for outbound immigration.

How We Can Help You

  • The Murthy Law Firm helps you understand everything you need, from applying for the appropriate visa and work permit.
  • Our team can help with the applications for derivative family members.
  • We can advise and prepare you for your consular interview.