Vasant Nayak: Technology & Online Consultant

Integral to our organization since it was begun in 1994, Vasant Nayak now leads a staff of specialists responsible for all marketing and technology used by our law firm and for our online presence.

MurthyDotCom is the brainchild of Mr. Nayak, who left a thriving teaching career in the field of digital arts to support the firm and its online presence. As Ms. Murthy’s husband, he has been ever-present in the firm, prominent in all decisions regarding the operations, organization, marketing, and branding of the Murthy Law Firm and MurthyDotCom. Since its 1994 launch, soon after the inception of The Law Office of Sheela Murthy (trading as the Murthy Law Firm since 2006), our website has grown with the times, receiving honors and accolades every step of the way; possibly complimented most for its logic and ease of navigation. Thanks to Nayak, MurthyDotCom is a leader among websites by lawyers worldwide, offering free online services like the MurthyChat, MurthyForum, our audio and video archives, blog, and social media. The free distribution of the MurthyBulletin to tens of thousands of subscribers each week is a fulfillment of his early vision.

Nayak facilitated the development of our own custom-built software, making the best use of technology for the specific needs of the Murthy Law Firm. Tailored to combine the needs of a mid-size business, (HR, accounting / billing, case management, document creation, etc) with the requirements of the immigration process (online access for clients, form filling, document approval, client communication, and more). Nayak is also developing other business software to improve the convenience and efficiency of communication and scheduling.

Our affiliate in Chennai, and satellite offices in Hyderabad and Mumbai, were set up by Nayak to more firmly establish our presence in India for the benefit and convenience of our clients. Clients are advised at by these offices before going to the U.S. consulates in India, to ensure their paperwork is in order and to improve their chances of success.

Before giving his talents full time to the Murthy Law Firm, Vasant Nayak had a distinguished and promising career as a professor, digital artist, and photographer. He created and directed a master’s degree program in digital arts at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland; one of the first of its kind in the U.S. at the time. Nayak has participated internationally in many group and solo exhibitions of his work throughout his art career. He has shown works of digitally manipulated prints, large format color photographs, of websites and interactive animation, and of black-and-white photography. A committed teacher and professor, respected by both his students and his colleagues, Nayak also participated in many conferences nationally and globally, addressing educators on culture and its relationship to photography, among other topics.

Receiving his Master of Visual Arts Degree from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, Nayak also studied at the University of Maryland. Prior to coming to the United States, he worked with photography and media in India. He studied communications media in Mumbai, including film, television, and radio, after earning his B.A. in sociology / anthropology at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India.

Nayak’s unique perspective, philosophy, and vision, have proven both valuable and essential to the success of MurthyDotCom and the Murthy Law Firm. His interests have come full circle through the fine arts and returned to the practical applications of media, technology, and marketing with a fresh vantage point.

In addition to his work with the law firm, Nayak has recently returned to working in the realm of communication media, making short films for NGOs in India and nonprofit organizations in the United States, who are working for social change. These projects are offered through grants from the MurthyNAYAK Foundation, to organizations whose goals are in line with our mission.