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During times of particular uncertainty, the Murthy Law Firm will offer our MurthyChat to clarify the law to help participants navigate unusual situations. The chat will be made available from this page, which will also inform you of any ongoing schedule.

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You can find free answers all over MurthyDotCom, in our FAQs, by searching our InfoArticles, NewsBriefs, and more, or browsing the section/s relevant to your situation, whether you want to be a visitor , student, nonimmigrant worker, permanent resident, or citizen; and whether you are an employer, an individual, or a family. You can ask questions on the MurthyForum, or listen to our podcasts on a variety of topics.

Please bear in mind that finding answers on your own is no substitute for legal advice from an experienced attorney, who can guide consider the specifics of your particular situation. We are always here for a consultation or if you want to hire us to represent you on your case.


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