The Women, Faith and Development Alliance (WFDA) Summit to End Global Poverty

I was honored on Sunday, April 13, 2008 to participate in the Women, Faith and Development Alliance (WFDA) Summit to end global poverty. Held at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, it was an inspiring day that made all of the thousands present feel like a part of history. We were moved to believe we need to do all we can to change the world. Coming from a country like India, where poverty is lurking in every corner, I feel that we who have seen poverty and have been surrounded by it, need to make a conscious decision to work together to change it. Every person deserves a chance at life and deserves to provide the basic necessities for themselves and their loved ones.

Leaders from around the world participated in this breakthrough summit to change the world in an attempt to end global poverty. Present were co-Chairs Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State; Honorable Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada; Her Excellency, Mary Robinson, former President, Republic of Ireland, among others. Although the goal seemed so beyond reach, in fact, Ms. Albright made the valid point during her keynote address that poverty is a human-created condition, not a natural disaster like a tornado, hurricane, or flood. If it is a human or man-made condition, then human beings can and should work together to end poverty. This resonated with all of us.

It was amazing that in that one day WFDA was able to raise over $680 million (U.S. dollars) to end global poverty, and that was just the starting point for this laudable goal. I was invited to the stage for my work and involvement with the expansion of the United Way in India. The CEO of United Way International, Brian Gallagher, invited three of us onstage, since the United Way pledged $30 Million at the WFDA Summit to eliminate global poverty.

The event was inspirational and I hope that the work of everyone will help to end poverty. I am optimistic that we will all work together to help others, having been fortunate enough in our own lives that we have the ability to give back. I am convinced that money is a black hole that can never be enough if we think of it that way, but there is always enough and to spare if we think we are so fortunate and blessed that we can share it with others. Enjoy the abundance that you feel in your heart and soul so that we can share our resources with others to make it a better world for everyone, including ourselves. Do it for your own happiness and to leave a better world for our next generation, if for no other reason. Thank you for caring enough to read and learn about my work and passion to leave behind a better world. Together we can achieve the impossible!

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