12 Jul 2017

Two IndianAmericans Honored With Prestigious Award

New York City has long been an iconic destination for immigrants crossing over to our shores to begin a new life. The Statue of Liberty towering over the New York Harbor, with its inscription inviting "huddled masses yearning to breathe free" has welcomed millions of...

03 Jul 2017

New Film Examines Cultural Clashes in the Age of Trump

A working-class immigrant and a wealthy, unapologetic capitalist are both invited to a dinner party. As the wine flows and the night wears on, propriety breaks down and the two guests begin to clash over their opposing viewpoints. The hosts and fellow dinner guests look...

31 May 2017

Immigrants Changing the Face of Miss USA Pageant

The Miss USA Pageant has been an annual tradition since 1952, and the competition is celebrated for its glamorous contestants, from all 50 states, wearing swimsuits and evening gowns on stage, and participating in a nerve wracking live interview to gauge their knowledge on current...

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