Maryland Chamber: Murthy is Member of the Month

Murthy Law Firm founder and president, Sheela Murthy, is the featured Member of the Month in the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s Member Spotlight, in recognition of her outstanding contributions as a leader of the Chamber, and her phenomenal success as an entrepreneur. [See Member Spotlight: Sheela Murthy, by Will Burns, Maryland Chamber of Commerce, 22.Jul.2013.] The article hailed Ms. Murthy’s “inspirational entrepreneurial success story,” noting that in recent weeks, several major national media outlets have reported on her and the firm that bears her name: news outlets ranging from the New York Times to The Daily Beast and The Story Exchange. As noted on MurthyDotCom, the Washington Post also quoted Murthy in an article on immigration reform, and the Huffington Post featured her in a piece on immigrant entrepreneurs that discussed her profile on The Story Exchange. [See Murthy in New York Times, Daily Beast & Story Exchange, MurthyBlog.] 27.Jun.2013.

Murthy is a longtime member of the Maryland Chamber, and has been an active member of the Chamber’s Board and Executive Committee for several years. In May, she advanced from Secretary to Vice Chair of the Maryland Chamber. As the article notes, Murthy and the Chamber’s new President, Tom Graham, teamed up in June to lead “an engaging two-day strategic planning retreat” for the Chamber’s Board of Directors, a meeting “that focused on growing the membership, making membership more valuable and advancing Maryland as a national and global competitive leader in economic growth and job creation.”

As a highly successful entrepreneur whose firm helps businesses – here, and around the country – to recruit the best and brightest employees in a competitive world labor market, Murthy knows a thing or two about national and global competition. Having built a large and highly successful law firm from scratch, creating more than 90 jobs in the process, she also has a lot to contribute to the conversation about economic growth and job creation. It only seems fitting that Maryland’s preeminent business advocacy network should count Sheela Murthy as one of the nation’s foremost immigration lawyers among its top leaders!

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