Attorney Murthy Speaks!

Warm greetings!

Any schoolchild in America can tell you: immigrants built this country and made it great!

They traveled here, suffering hardships, to carve a new nation out of a raw and unforgiving wilderness. They created a free, democratic society in a world where kings and despots ruled unchecked. Immigrant brains and brawn built the most powerful economy the world has ever known.

Immigrants are still building this country, still contributing to the vibrancy of our economic and cultural life. Immigrants are:

  • smart – studying science, medicine, engineering, and math at rates far greater than native-born Americans;
  • inventive – contributing to more than a quarter of all international patent applications from the United States;
  • entrepreneurial – co-founding more than half of all Silicon Valley firms (among many others) since 1995;
  • high-tech leaders – launching giants of the Internet era, like Google, Intel, Sun, and eBay;
  • job creators – generating $52 billion in sales in 2005, and creating almost half a million jobs here in the decade preceding.

I am proud of the role we at the Murthy Law Firm play in bringing the best and brightest to this land of opportunity, to continue America’s legacy as a nation of immigrants. From Albert Einstein to Yo-Yo Ma, we know every immigrant matters!


 Sheela Murthy, Founder & President