Experienced Professionals

When you hire the Murthy Law Firm, you get quality with uncompromising standards. We have built our reputation on it.

Attorneys on our team are hand picked for their legal experience and education, attention to detail, and sensitivity to the special needs of the clients we serve. Our attorneys are graduates of the great American colleges and universities – experienced, with decades of combined legal service in diverse settings, team players who work together for the good of our clients.

In short, our attorneys are superbly equipped to understand the real-world complexities of immigration practice, and tailor effective strategies to the needs of each Murthy Law Firm client.

We take equal care in hiring paralegal staff. Murthy Law Firm paralegals come to us with bachelors’ degrees, and are selected based on a rigorous screening process. Our paralegals are carefully trained and mentored as they move into greater responsibilities. Each is paired with an attorney to make the strongest possible team to serve our clients.

As with our lawyers and paralegals, so it goes with our unique Client Services Department and the rest of our staff: we are extremely particular in choosing those who work with us. We hire people who enjoy interacting with others – people with a patient disposition and a deep desire to help.

Everyone at our firm trains continually to keep their skills head-and-shoulders above the pack – and everyone participates in cross-cultural education to help them better understand and serve our international clients. We know our professionalism matters!