For Families

Keeping the family together is a priority for many of those undergoing the U.S. immigration process. Attorneys at the Murthy Law Firm understand this, and we work with you and your employer, when applicable, to look out for your dependants. The immigration options for bringing family members to the United States vary depending upon the status of the sponsoring family member. These sections explain many of the options available.

  • Nonimmigrant beneficiaries may sponsor family members for immigration benefits to the United States on a temporary basis as dependants categories, such as H-4, L-2, F-2, and others. (K-1 & K-3 visas for fiancé/es and spouses, respectively, are temporary, but treated primarily as immigrant, or permanent, categories.)
  • Immigrant or permanent resident primary beneficiaries in employment-based, permanent resident cases or in family preference petitions, may sponsor their spouses and minor child/ren, who would likely be eligible for permanent benefits as derivative beneficiaries. In technical immigration terminology, family-based cases are those in which U.S. citizens or permanent residents file petitions to sponsor their relatives for immigration benefits. These cases include immediate and preference relative petitions in permanent resident cases, as well as K-1 (fiancé/e) and K-3 (spousal) petitions.

We at the Murthy Law Firm are experienced in these matters and available to consult with you on a specific matter, or to represent your family in your immigration case.