There is nothing artificial about our AI – Attorney Intelligence!

While we leave the debates over potential benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence for others, today we extol the undeniable benefits of another AI: Attorney Intelligence!

Established in May 1994 by attorney Sheela Murthy, talented and knowledgeable attorneys were gradually added to form a powerful team at the Murthy Law Firm. Together they study, discuss, and problem solve difficult immigration questions to help our clients. From formal continuing legal education (CLEs) to casual watercooler chats, our approach is atypical, in that attorneys do not compete for cases or status. Instead, we acknowledge that good results for every client benefit the firm as a whole and reflect well on the entire legal team.

The Murthy culture of teamwork includes the vital support from paralegals and legal assistants, who bring their own intelligence and diligence to the legal teams. Without their help, our attorneys would have less time to focus on the nuances of a case or the changing law, much less the time to translate all this into articles written for MurthyDotCom and our social media to provide clear understanding not only to our clients, but to the wider immigrant and business communities, as well.

Our legal teams also are supported by our admin staff, who manage appointments, billing, human relations, technology, and day-to-day operations, further expanding the team framework that is integral to the Murthy Law Firm. Every member of every team forming the Venn diagram of our firm makes important contributions to the success rate for our clients.

At the heart of it all is attorney intelligence, talent, and capability.