United Way : Women’s Leadership Council

I have enjoyed my work and involvement with the United Way (UW). I am on their leadership team by being a Co-Chair with Taylor Foss of the Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way. The United Way of Central Maryland is part of the national organization of the United Way. The Maryland chapter of the UW helps various local endeavors with the goal of addressing the roots causes of poverty and problems in our community. As I am growing older, I feel more and more a sense of feeling that I have to repay the debt to society by doing good and helping others who are less privileged. We take our education and opportunities for granted while others have no hope to get out of the cycle of poverty and crime. If we don’t help them, in the end we only harm ourselves since the criminals are a part of our society and community. So it makes perfect sense for all of us to work together in a win-win type of relationship to make our communities stronger and provide opportunities for others who need a helping hand. But for the grace of God, the tables could be turned! Let us work together to make a difference in the lives of those around us because it makes us feel good but it helps to make our world safer and allow others to partake of the American Dream of wealth and opportunity that others from around the world come to share in!

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