San Antonio : United Way

I am going to San Antonio for the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) meeting of the United Way (UW). The WLC comprises those women who play a leadership role in their community and business. Members of the WLC tend to give at certain higher levels towards the UW each year. For those who are not familiar with the UW, in the U.S. it has been the agency that collected funds from employers whose employees participate usually by contributing directly from their pay checks, all across America by giving to one central agency. The UW historically then dispersed those funds to other non profits organizations based on studying their needs and methods of working. Since this year in January 2007, the UW will allow individuals to continue to nominate or allocate their donations directly to related agencies of their choice but it will focus on giving in four primary areas of: Basic needs, school readiness, youth achieving potential and protecting people from violence at home. The UW has studied the issue and they believe that by focusing on these four areas we can eliminate many of the root causes of poverty and problems in society.

This meeting in San Antonio will be an opportunity to meet with other WLC leaders from around the U.S. and exchange ideas on how to work together to make stronger and better communities to help those who need it the most. It is an opportunity to learn and grow together with likeminded individuals. It should be a wonderful opportunity to interact with other women business and civic leaders all across America! I look forward to giving back to our local and national community!

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