Girl Scouts Facilities Tour in April 2007

On Saturday, April 28th, 2007, I was fortunate to be able to participate in an all day tour and retreat for members of the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts (GS) of Central Maryland. This tour was important to me as a member of the GS Board since I believe that women and girl children need to be encouraged and to have opportunities to grow and expand emotionally, mentally, spiritually and educationally. We toured various camp sites where the children are taught to work together in teams, work in harmony with nature and learn skills of how to live outdoors. This trip was right after returning from Atlanta, GA for the United Way Leaders’ meeting to discuss the United Way’s expansion operations in India. So overall, it was a productive and useful week-end where I got the opportunity to learn and contribute in various ways towards making our community a better place.

This tour was soon after our Distinguished Women’s reception on April 19, 2007, where we honored several women leaders in the Baltimore-Washington area for their commitment to the community and their leadership. The Murthy Law Firm is a sponsor of the event. I was the co-Chair of the annual event that is the main fundraising event for the GS each year. After the program, there is a feeling of satisfaction with having accomplished our goals in terms of the positive feelings about the GS.

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