Harvard Law School Worldwide Congress – June 2007

Talk and Attendance during HLS’ Worldwide Congress – June 2007

On Thursday, June 14, 2007, I was on a panel speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. We discussed alternate career paths and quality of life issues for Harvard Law School (HLS) alumni. The other panelists on this topic were HLS Alumni. One was a federal judge and the other, a well known novelist, who is now working as an Assistant Dean at HLS.

After my speaking session, I participated in the HLS Worldwide Alumni Congress with other HLS alumni attending from all over the world. The various panels were thought-provoking with renowned speakers on the various fields. Throughout the Congress, I was active and posed questions of the speakers after almost all of the sessions, and the speakers were all generally positively inclined, responsive and appreciative of the interest generated by their comments.

I particularly enjoyed various panels, including one titled, “The Profession under Fire” where there was an analysis of the issues that the legal profession should be sensitive about and possible solutions that we can work together to deal with. Another interesting panel was “Modern Terrorism and its Impact upon the Rule of Law” where among the HLS alumni speaking was Michael Chertoff, Director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. After the panel, I met with Mr. Chertoff and explained my area of work in U.S. immigration law and that his name and title are mentioned on many of the forms and documents that we prepare for our clients. I mentioned that we appreciate the difficult position and responsibility he has in a post September 11th world but as a nation we should not forget or abandon the fundamental due process rights that are granted under the U.S. Constitution that we all are so proud about. He agreed with me that it is a difficult balance and one that we all must strive to maintain. We ended the panels at the Congress with a session with U.S. Supreme Court Justices, followed by a luncheon meeting at the U.S. Supreme Court with five of the nine Supreme Court Justices attending.

Overall, the HLS Worldwide Congress was a wonderful opportunity to discuss national and international issues of concern and apply the knowledge and perspectives gained to help you, our valued clients, in the work that we are entrusted to do on your behalf.

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