New Year’s Message for 2008 from Attorney Sheela Murthy

It is difficult to believe that we have all grown a year older – though, hopefully, wiser too – as 2007 comes to a close. Another year filled with memories, difficult times, good times, and life just moving on. In retrospect, the biggest news in the world of immigration law during 2007 was that the employment-based dates (other than the Other Worker category) becoming “current” in July / August 2007, resulting in an unprecedented number of I-485, or adjustment-of-status, filings in the U.S. during that short timeframe. But the downside is that there are not enough visa numbers to allow for approval of the many pending cases, or to allow for people who were not able to file their I-485s to move forward. Because of retrogression and the insufficient, outdated, allocations of visa numbers, many face waiting times measured in years.

On the political front in the U.S., which will directly impact the future of immigration, there is much heated debate as to who should be the next president of our country. Both the Democrats and Republicans will select their candidates in 2008 and the nation also will elect our next president in November 2008. Whether it is Clinton, Edwards, Giuliani, McCain, Obama, Romney, or someone else, immigration is sure to continue to be a hotly debated, divisive issue in this nation. But as long as we focus on our core strengths as a country, the value of immigrants (historically, economically, and culturally), I have no doubt of our ability to work with dogged determination to overcome any hurdles that loom before us, so that we will triumph valiantly!

One of life’s ironies is that each of us believes that the problems of others are far less painful or significant than our own and that they all seem to be coasting along or overcoming their difficulties with greater ease. Upon further examination, we might realize that every one of us carries her or his own share of life’s burdens and many of these can be mitigated by counting our blessings each day for what is given to us, whether it is little or much, and to approach difficult times with an attitude of gratitude for all that such times teach us about becoming stronger and better. Thank you for continuing to patronize our firm. We at the Murthy Law Firm value your trust and the opportunity you have placed in our hands. It is time to harness our strength and think positive thoughts for 2008 and beyond. So, here is wishing you and your loved ones the very best in the New Year, to you our valued clients, our friends, and our well wishers!

Disclaimer: The information provided here is of a general nature and may not apply to any specific or particular circumstance. It is not to be construed as legal advice nor presumed indefinitely up to date.