United Way Delegation to India – 4 Nov 2008 to 15 Nov 2008

I really enjoyed and learned so much during my recent visit to India to help launch various United Ways in India. This expansion was part of the expansion of the United Way, their mission of philanthropy, transparency, and accountability, which is much needed in a country like India. We traveled and participated as part of the Leadership Council of India (LCI) of United Way International. The other members of the LCI are the Chairman and his wife of a leading, publicly-traded financial company, the CEO and co-founder of a technology-based company, the executive director of a foundation that is active in supporting charities in India, and a fellow attorney colleague who works with major Indian-based organizations.

We landed in Bangalore (Bengaluru), on Nov 4, 2009 and started off with a meeting with the entire board of the United Way of Bengaluru. Each board member is highly accomplished and a business leader in the community or a philanthropic leader. With the jet lag and fatigue, I don’t know if we from the U.S. were as cheerful and supportive as we could have been, but I know we were pleased to be there.

After Bengaluru, we traveled to Hubli / Dharwad and launched the United Way there. The hospitality and kindness of the business and civic community there was truly touching. They were so excited to have members of the LCI of United Way International from the U.S. visit their small town. Of course, my limited knowledge and fluency of the Kannada language, was a huge success there!

Finally, we helped to launch the United Way in Delhi. The team there has been successful in raising substantial funds from corporations and individuals. The leading attorney in Delhi was generous to invite us to his family home to introduce us to the others on the Delhi’s Board. The efforts of these individuals and teams in generating interest and funds to help the local communities are much appreciated.

I really enjoy feeling that our education and contacts can help open doors to thousands of other children in other parts of the world and give them opportunities for further education. We support about 1,600 children in a school in Bengaluru, in helping with free breakfast each morning, scholarships, and uniforms for all the children. We also support education, scholarships, school projects, science projects, empowerment of women and adult literacy to empower women as the focus of our work and the work of the Murthy Foundation.

If anyone from a company or business in the U.S. or in India and who would like to learn more about how your company or employees may participate in the United Way International’s program is welcome to go to the website of the unitedway.org or send an email to roma.kapoor@uwa.unitedway.org┬ásince she will be able to coordinate the efforts in a win-win relationship for the employer, the employees and for the community as a whole.

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