Murthy Law Firm Employee Profile : Kathy Rush, Corporate Services Manager

Kathy Rush joined the Murthy Law Firm in 2006, and only a short time later, took up her current role as Corporate Services Manager. “My new job was created when USCIS changed the green card rules,” Kathy says. She still remembers the exact date the rules changed: July 16, 2007. Up to then, foreign employees could self-petition for a green card, but the new rules required employer sponsorship for employees who aspired to green card status. For the first time, employers had to pay for a labor certification, and sign the sponsorship agreement, among other things. Kathy says the new rules caused a huge wave of phone calls from concerned employers and overburdened HR professionals, all struggling to learn the new process and understand its requirements.

As Corporate Services Manager, Kathy’s job is to be the first point of contact for busy employers, a person they can turn to for immediate help. “Employers already have a lot to do, and a lot of other areas of human resources to deal with. My job is to make their job easier, making the immigration piece as easy as possible,” said Kathy. That means coordinating with the legal team and administrative staff to ensure that corporate clients get the answers they need, and the individual attention for which the Murthy Law Firm has become renowned.

“My job is all about client care. What I love about my job is the relationship we develop with employers. I have a good rapport with our company reps, and they know I’m there for them if they need my help.” Kathy said that many of the firm’s corporate clients have her on speed dial. This has come in handy, she said, when clients have been stuck outside the country, needing immediate help to get back to their jobs in the United States.

Whether helping the firm respond to emergencies, or taking care of everyday concerns, the clients are glad to have Kathy’s help. “I have people tell me all the time that they are thrilled to have a person they can talk to, to get their questions answered – no matter what their need or concern.” Kathy said she can see the firm’s success in the number of corporate clients who return for help with new filings; although she credits the legal team for the repeat business, she is justifiably proud of her role as client liaison. “The corporate clients say I make it easy for them, and that’s my goal.”

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