Attorney Sheela Murthy Working to Stop Domestic Violence

In September 2009, the Asian Women’s Self-Help Association – ASHA for Women – celebrated 20 years of providing help to victims of domestic violence in the Washington D.C. area. Attorney Sheela Murthy is a longtime supporter of this work, and was the guest of honor at ASHA’s 20th anniversary gala. Ms. Murthy has emerged as a tireless advocate for the rights of domestic abuse victims, and an important benefactor for ASHA and its clients.

ASHA means “hope” in several South Asian languages, and hope can be in short supply for women who suffer abuse at the hands of their intimate partners. ASHA for Women gives hope to South Asian women and their children, by providing the services they need to break the cycle of violence. This is a difficult task, complicated by linguistic, cultural and social barriers that can keep South Asian women from getting the help they need. ASHA for Women is able to break down these barriers to service because its staff and volunteers are themselves from South Asia; they speak the languages, and understand the cultures of this region because they share this with the people they serve. This makes ASHA for Women a unique asset in the struggle to end domestic violence. The MurthyNayak FOUNDATION is a proud supporter of ASHA for Women.

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