Murthy Law Firm Employee Profile : Karen Goldcamp, Receptionist

Karen Goldcamp started her career in banking, working in the Treasurer’s Department at the Bank of Baltimore. “That job was very different from this one. In all my other jobs, I’ve dealt with items, material, things you bought and sold. In this job, for the first time, I’m dealing with people’s feelings, people’s lives. This is very rewarding for me.”

As a receptionist at the Murthy Law Firm, Karen’s job is all about people. She is the reassuring voice on the other end of the phone, the gracious welcomer who warmly greets clients when they arrive at the law firm. She often is the first person a client will talk to, and she remains smiling and affable even while fielding dozens of phone calls each day. “I spend a lot of my day scheduling appointments for the attorneys. It’s amazing how many people need our services, and how many people want to be in our country. People go through so much to be here. It’s made me realize how fortunate I am to live in the U.S.” Karen says she enjoys being part of the immigration process. “I love it when clients call up and tell me that they just received their green card, or just got their citizenship.”

When Karen came to the Murthy Law Firm, at the beginning of 2005, it was the first time she worked for a law firm. “I have to be honest – I didn’t always have the best impression of lawyers. My impression of attorneys ‘did a 180’ when I started working here. Immigration is a different kind of law. It’s about helping people, and the lawyers here are very nice people you can relate to. It’s a very congenial atmosphere. I can walk into any office and talk to an attorney, and he or she will always make time for me.”

Karen enjoys working in an upbeat environment that “makes you want to perform.” She says, “I am surrounded by people who make me feel good. I care about the clients, and I care about my bosses, and I want to please them. My bosses – Sheela and Vasant – are so down to earth, and they appreciate everything they have. They are always doing things for other people, and they have created a really positive atmosphere here. I’ll stay in this job until they carry me out the door!”

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