After The Earthquake In Haiti – How You Can Help!

Last week, untold thousands of Haitians lost their lives when a devastating earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince and much of the surrounding area. Millions more are living with the aftermath of this horrific tragedy, struggling to maintain a semblance of public order and rebuild a shattered infrastructure that was barely functional before the quake, but now is beyond repair. It will likely take years of concerted effort and carefully-targeted foreign aid to restore a sense of normalcy in Haiti. In the meantime, the immediate crisis demands action now, to help Haitians dig out and start over. Fortunately, the United States and other governments have stepped into the breach, to keep order and enable international relief organizations to get food and medical supplies to where they are needed most.

The vast majority of us can’t drop everything to go to Haiti and help rebuild. What Haiti really needs now is our money and a long-term commitment to see them through the arduous process of reconstruction. As longstanding partners of the United Way of Central Maryland, the Murthy Law Firm and the MurthyNayak Foundation urge you to consider a generous donation to United Way’s Haiti relief efforts. You can make a difference! Log on to the United Way website and go to its Help Haiti Now page at, and make a donation to United Way Worldwide. They will ensure that the aid gets through to the earthquake victims in Haiti, to help them rebuild their lives.

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