Murthy Law Firm Employee Profile : Shay Taylor, Marketing & Communications

When Shay Taylor started at the Murthy Law Firm (MLF) in November of 1998, it was much smaller than it is today, but growing fast, thanks to the innovative use of new technologies put into practice by Vasant Nayak, Sheela Murthy’s husband. The website, eBulletins, online chat and the discussion board quickly put MLF at the head of the pack when others were still trying to figure out how best to use the web.

Shay was brought on board to help Vasant manage the firm’s burgeoning digital communications, and keep the firm at the cutting edge of emerging technologies. With advanced degrees in fine arts and digital art, Shay also has a strong background in English, which has been a valuable combination for marketing MLF.

“When I started, I was mostly helping with the website,” Shay says. “We put information on MurthyDotCom that really wasn’t easily available to the immigrant / immigration community anywhere else, even on government websites, and that drew a lot of traffic to our site – and it still does. My job was to maintain the website and update it on a regular basis, adding pertinent information and keeping things fresh. This is still a part of the work I do.”

Back then, Shay says, MLF was growing so fast that everyone pitched in on the tasks that fell between the job descriptions of the staff. “We all did whatever needed to be done, until we could hire a specialized person to take on a particular job full time. Over time things have become more specialized. The website has really taken off, and for years now we have been publishing the MurthyBulletin on a weekly basis. We have many attorneys writing our articles, so my job is to keep the language and style consistent, so the site ‘speaks with one voice.’

“I really find the work interesting. I joke that I know more about immigration law than I ever really wanted to know! When you get to be my age (Shay is unashamed to admit to being 51) and you still feel like you’re learning every day, that’s a great thing, and I love it!” Shay also enjoys her work with the MurthyNayak Foundation. “I’ve had the good fortune to be involved with Sheela and Vasant’s philanthropic work, and what we do there also is very gratifying. The visits we’ve made to India to make documentaries for NGOs there are among the most fulfilling experiences of my life.”

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