MPI: Some Second-Generation IndianAmericans “Return” to India

A new study from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) points to a small but significant phenomenon among second-generation IndianAmericans. Driven by career opportunities as well as family ties and quality-of-life concerns, MPI found, some IndianAmericans are going “back” to the country of their parents’ birth – and the numbers appear to be rising. (See For Love and Money: Second-Generation IndianAmericans ‘Return’ to India, by Sonali Jain, Duke University, Migration Information Source, 27.Oct.2010.)

“[A]gainst the backdrop of India’s rapid economic growth – which has averaged more than 6.5 percent each year over the past 10 years – estimates suggest that the number of first- and second-generation Indian immigrants who are relocating to India is rising.”

Although economics certainly plays a role in the decision to return to one’s ancestral homeland, the study found, “emotional attachments to India ‘pulled’ them there” – the desire to reconnect with extended family and with their Indian heritage and identity. It’s a fascinating article, and should be required reading for immigration policymakers in Washington, who must understand that the world is changing. America now needs to work harder to attract and retain talented workers – be they H1Bs, immigrants, or even second-generation immigrants. Emerging economic powerhouses like India – and China – are waiting with open arms, to welcome them back.

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