Murthy Law Firm Gathering in Cambridge, MD

On a warm fall weekend, just before Thanksgiving, the Murthy Law Firm family gathered at the Hyatt Resort in Cambridge, Maryland, for a weekend retreat. Lawyers and staff members were joined by their families and significant others for an overnight getaway on the eastern reaches of the Chesapeake Bay.

The occasion? A special birthday celebration for Murthy Law Firm founder and president, Sheela Murthy, who wanted to share this milestone with the people who make such a difference in her professional and personal life. Speaking at the pre-Thanksgiving birthday feast, Murthy observed that most of her family lives in India, and that her colleagues at the firm are like a second family to her. She reflected on her firm’s history, and how each person has contributed his or her unique talents to make it the leading immigration law practice it is today.

Murthy thanked her staff with warmth and sincerity, praising them for staying focused on client service – for staying true to her vision of a firm that treats clients with the same consideration one would give a friend or family member. Murthy spoke of her vision for the future of the firm, and about the importance of maintaining the high standards that set us apart. Managing Attorney, Aron Finkelstein, likewise thanked the firm’s attorneys and support staff for their diligence, dedication, and teamwork.

While the appreciative crowd was tucking into dessert – cheesecake, bread pudding, and what is surely the best chocolate cake anywhere – Reggie Sukhai and Cosette Hayes presented Sheela with an enormous birthday card, every square inch covered with affectionate birthday greetings and good wishes. After that, the party adjourned to the hotel lounge, where the conversation and good fellowship continued.

The following day, everyone climbed aboard two paddle-wheel boats for a lunch cruise on the Choptank River. As if on cue, the morning clouds parted to reveal blue skies and sunshine. It turned into a beautiful day, and many people took the opportunity to stand out on deck to catch some rays and watch the water birds flying southward in formation to their winter homes.

A great time was had by all. We left Cambridge refreshed by celebration and togetherness, the beauty of autumn on the Chesapeake, and time spent in good company, getting to know each other better outside the office. It was a great team-building exercise, and enormous fun! Happy birthday, Sheela!

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