Initial H1B Cap Filings Very High: Cap Still Open

The USCIS reported today that, as of April 4, 2012, they had received 22,323 H1B cap-subject filings. The filings started on April 2, 2012. This rate of filings is stated as being almost twice the amount that had been received in the same timeframe last year.

The annual H1B cap limit is 65,000. There are an additional 20,000 cap exemptions available to those with U.S. advanced degrees (master’s or above). The USCIS has reported that approximately 25 percent of the H1B filings made between April 2 and April 4, 2012 are for individuals with U.S. advanced degrees. Thus, even with the high rate of filings, the cap remains open with approximately over 48,000 regular cap numbers available following the first three filing days. Please continue to check MurthyDotCom for further H1B cap updates.

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