07 May 2018

Two of my H1B petitions were selected in this year’s lottery. They were filed by two unrelated companies for different projects. Can both cases continue to be processed? Do I need to withdraw one?

Answer Generally speaking, there is no need to withdraw either petition. As long as they were filed by two truly unrelated (as defined by the USCIS) companies, both cases may continue to be processed. If both are approved, you then typically would need to select which...

07 May 2018

My I-485 application (filed based on my approved I-140) is pending. Can I work a second job (part time) using my EAD? Will it be a problem that I have two different W-2s?

Answer An I-485 EAD provides nearly unrestricted work authorization. So, yes, a person may have multiple employers. It is important to remember, however, that one's green card job offer normally should be retained at all times so that one remains eligible for the I-485 approval. (07.May.2018)In...

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