White House Top Ten List: How Immigrants Build a Stronger U.S. Economy

We can’t say this too often: immigrants are part and parcel of the American experience, and have been since before the founding of this great nation. Our country is richer, by far, for the contributions of people from foreign shores, who brought their dreams and aspirations here, along with the talent, ingenuity, hard work, and persistence to make them a reality. Immigrants have not only enriched our culture – our religious traditions, our literature, our music, even our food – they have enriched our economy in more ways than we can count.

Last week, the White House published a top ten list, Ten Ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy, written by Jason Furman and Danielle Gray of the National Economic Council, of which Furman is Principal Deputy Director and Gray is Deputy Director. [See White House Blog  (12.Jul.2012).]

  • Immigrants start businesses.
  • Immigrant-owned businesses create jobs for American workers.
  • Immigrants are also more likely to create their own jobs.
  • Immigrants develop cutting-edge technologies and companies.
  • Immigrants are our engineers, scientists, and innovators.
  • Immigration boosts earnings for American workers.
  • Immigrants boost demand for local consumer goods.
  • Immigration reform legislation like the DREAM Act reduces the deficit.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform would create jobs.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform would increase America’s GDP.

The White House blog article is worth reading in its entirety for the details it adds to round out this list and to underscore a truth too often obscured by nativist rhetoric: immigration is good for America!

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