Why is Kathy Smiling?

Kathy Rush manages the Corporate / Client Services Department at the Murthy Law Firm, a dedicated team that ensures our clients have the best possible experience with our firm. She appreciates the simple things. “You’re going to laugh – I love coffee … it’s a big deal for me to have free coffee available all day at work. That’s one of the smaller ways they take care of us here. But there are many larger things that make this a really wonderful place to work!”

Kathy’s job is talking to clients to help them with procedures, billing, and other non-legal matters. She thoroughly enjoys it. She is liaison to corporate executives and HR managers who hire our firm for their employees, as well as individual clients going through the immigration process.

Navigating the U.S. immigration system is stressful and, Kathy says, there are times when clients call, clearly frustrated with the seemingly endless paperwork and other government requirements. You might be surprised at the emotional toll it can take to go through the immigration process in this country, but people’s whole lives are depending on how it turns out for them, so we want their experience – at least with our firm – to be nothing but positive.

“… I like getting answers for people, and if I promise to get information, I will absolutely get it for them!” And when she does, she can hear the fear and frustration turn to relief over the phone.

That’s it right there – that moment is what makes Kathy smile.


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