MurthyUniversity & Staff Appreciation

Perhaps it is all the years of study required to become a lawyer, or perhaps it has something to do with the type of people who elect to pursue careers in law. Very likely, it has more to do with the high caliber minds that make up our talented and intellectual legal team. Whatever it is, the Murthy Law Firm is proud to have among its ranks individuals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and to sharing their knowledge with others. Teams have been established within our firm to facilitate the exchange of ideas. Each focuses on a particular area that enriches our lawyers, paralegals, and/or nonlegal staff, also benefiting our clients, directly or indirectly. We collectively refer to these teams and their work as MurthyUniversity.

Discussions on ethics, best practices, and education ensure that our procedures and policies are kept to the highest standards, that efficiency and productivity are improved at every opportunity, and that all those affected are informed of changes whenever they are implemented. Continuing legal education (CLE) sessions ensure that our employees are always at the forefront of their profession – growing in their knowledge and in their ability to help Murthy Law Firm clients.

Podcast and corporate teleconference committees select topics that inform our clients and the wider immigrant and business communities, educating them on U.S. immigration law, changes in government procedures or practices, and pitfalls to be avoided in the immigration process.

We even have a group that focuses on team building, organizing activities for employees of the Murthy Law Firm that bring us together as a work family, keeping up morale, and providing opportunities to know our work colleagues better – connecting on the human level. These events sometimes teach us about the cultures and traditions of our clients, and sometimes they teach us about ourselves and each other.

We make conscious efforts to enrich and broaden the talents and skills our employees bring to the Murthy Law Firm. We also strive to provide a work environment that is supportive and fun, while being productive, accurate, and cutting-edge. Keeping employees happy – and showing them your appreciation – keeps them loyal to the employer and productive for the client. In a setting like this, everyone wins!

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