Mark Zuckerberg: Immigration Activist

Facebook founder and technology whiz kid, Mark Zuckerberg, seems to have found a new outlet for all that restless creative energy: political activism. Until recently, Zuckerberg largely steered clear of politics, according to, but now he “is joining with other executives to form an issues advocacy organization, with an initial focus on comprehensive immigration reform…” [See Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Eyes Political Push on Immigration, by Michelle Quinn and Anna Palmer,, 23.Mar.2013. reports that Zuckerberg and several other tech-industry executives are working with high-powered political strategists to create an advocacy group to lobby for “long-term economic issues,” including immigration reform. Among the luminaries helping to launch this new venture: Joe Lockhart, former communications secretary for the Clinton White House, and Rob Jesmer, who previously directed the National Republican Senatorial Committee, according to

Zuckerberg’s efforts will add formidable financial muscle to the push for comprehensive immigration reform. Like his fellow immigration activist, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Zuckerberg is a multi-billionaire, and both have demonstrated a willingness to stake their names, and a portion of their personal fortunes, on the issue. Citing a recent Wall Street Journal article, reports that, “Zuckerberg aims to raise $50 million for the organization, and is helping to fund the group with his own money, as well as funds from other tech executives including LinkedIn…” [See Zuckerberg Launching Political Group to Tackle Immigration Reform: Report,, 27.Mar.2013.

According to, Zuckerberg also was among 100 high-flying tech executives – like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Google chairman, Eric Schmidt – to sign a recent letter to President Obama and Congress, calling for prompt action on CIR, and more flexibility to hire skilled workers from overseas. It’s a message well worth repeating, and we wish Zuckerberg and his colleagues every success in persuading Congress to like the idea!


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