Murthy Hosts Maryland Chamber Reception

Small businesses are good for our economy, and our public policies should reflect this fact: they create jobs, spur innovation, and continue to build a robust and diversified commercial sector all across Maryland. That was the take-home message for local entrepreneurs and executives at a business breakfast sponsored by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Murthy Law Firm founder and president, Sheela Murthy. The event was held on April 18 at the firm’s offices in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Murthy gave a rousing welcome to more than three-dozen business leaders on behalf of the Maryland Chamber. She underscored the Chamber’s importance in forging a healthier, more competitive business environment in Maryland. As the state’s foremost business advocacy group, Murthy said, the Maryland Chamber makes sure that state lawmakers fully understand how their public policy choices affect job creation and economic growth here.

To encourage networking, Murthy invited each guest to introduce him/herself to the group, and say a few words about their business and their interest in the Chamber. Members of the Chamber appealed to non-members to consider joining, and testified to the many corporate and individual benefits of active participation in the group: it connects members with a network of more than 800 Maryland businesses, strengthens professional contacts, and helps members stay informed about issues that impact Maryland employers.

Murthy then introduced Kathy Snyder, President/CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, who gave an update on recent developments in the 2013 session of the Maryland General Assembly. Through its public policy team, the Chamber took positions on 163 of the 2,610 pieces of legislation introduced, encompassing tax policy, transportation, economic development, civil liability in various forms, workplace regulations, health care, environment and energy issues, and government procurement.

For example, the Chamber worked with legislative leaders to protect the integrity of the state’s Transportation Trust Fund and prevent funds earmarked for transportation improvements from being diverted to other projects. It wholeheartedly supported the development of additional funding streams that will enable the state to modernize the transportation infrastructure on which every Maryland business depends.

Sheela Murthy is an enthusiastic member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves on its Executive Committee, as Secretary-Treasurer. In May, she will assume a new role as the Chamber’s Vice Chair, and continue to lend her voice to the cause of economic growth and job creation in our state. For further information on the Maryland Chamber and its important work, visit their website.

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