Sheela Murthy: President Obama Pushes for CIR in Phone Conference

President Obama held a national conference call on June 5, 2013, with key supporters of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) across the nation. Several organizations participated, including Murthy Law Firm founder and president, Sheela Murthy. According to Murthy, the President thanked immigration advocates for their active involvement and support, from those leading the fight at the grassroots level to the pro-immigration activists working on the national stage.

Ms. Murthy reports that President Obama made an eloquent case that we must never lose sight of our proud heritage as a nation of immigrants, because – not so long ago – we, or our ancestors, were just like them: strangers in a strange land; immigrants.

The economic benefits of immigration reform are compelling, the President argued: our nation was built by entrepreneurs from foreign lands who made full use of the opportunities here, creating opportunities for millions of others in the process by providing jobs and even founding entirely new industries. But this is not just about economics, nor is it only about border enforcement, he cautioned. Building bigger walls is not the answer, he said. This is not just policy: these are people’s lives we’re talking about.

Mr. Obama spoke with pride about his administration’s efforts to help undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children, through no fault of their own. Though his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is a major step toward immigration reform, he cautioned that much remains to be done. The struggle for comprehensive immigration reform still has a long way to go, the President said, urging his listeners to continue pressing their Senators and Representatives to support immigration reform.

Murthy commented:

“The fact that the President took time for this conference call clearly shows that immigration reform is a priority. He understands how important this is. After all, his own father came here as an exchange student, so in a way, he’s honoring his own history, as well. I think everybody realizes immigration reform is absolutely critical to America’s future. I’m glad to see Mr. Obama taking the lead on this issue; pushing Congress to do the right thing.”


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