On The Lookout: Murthy Law Firm Closely Tracking CIR Process

For the first time in many years, broad-based systemic reform of our immigration system is within reach. Having passed a CIR bill in the Senate on July 27, 2013, the action now shifts to the House of Representatives, where comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) is far more controversial and compromise more elusive.

At this writing, it’s still too early to predict the exact shape CIR might take, if and when it passes both houses, but some things are certain: the measures under consideration would create new opportunities for American companies to hire the best and brightest workers from overseas. They also would change both the regulatory landscape and the competitive climate for businesses of all sizes. The upshot? Anyone who runs a business needs to remain alert to the potential impact of immigration reform.

We at the Murthy Law Firm have been paying close attention to these developments as they unfold, to protect our clients’ interests and keep our readers informed. With this in mind, Murthy Law Firm founder and president, Sheela Murthy, teamed up with the firm’s managing attorney, Aron Finkelstein, to teach some of the country’s leading executives about the changes that are in the works. In a recent webinar entitled, “Immigration Reform and U.S. Employers,” Ms. Murthy and Mr. Finkelstein discussed how current immigration law impacts American businesses, and what the proposed changes would mean in the future. The event was sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives.

On June 20th, Murthy was among the VIPs in attendance at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., at which Vice President Joe Biden – and a host of other luminaries from both sides of the aisle – discussed the need for comprehensive immigration reform and its prospects for passage this year. The event’s theme was “Faith in Action,” and it was a joyous and uplifting celebration of our nation’s diversity; it also was a call to strengthen that diversity by modernizing our immigration system.

Murthy attended as a representative of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America; she serves on the Board of Directors for CTCA’s eastern region. During a special ceremony, CTCA received an award for corporate citizenship and partnership with faith communities. It was an opportunity to honor CTCA for outstanding work in the communities it serves, while learning firsthand from Washington insiders – politicians and activists alike – about the latest developments in the immigration reform debate. It was a good way to find out what’s going on behind the scenes in Washington, and to better understand the political dynamics that will determine the outcome of this vital debate. All in all, time well spent!

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