From Sheela Murthy: We Celebrate YOU

Every immigrant story is different, but a common thread runs through all of them: they step out with hope and courage to start a new life in a new land. They do this because of who they are, the world’s natural risk-takers, brave people driven by a spirit of adventure, emboldened by confidence that their inborn creativity and work ethic will earn them a place in their new homeland.

For people of all faiths, the message at this time of year is one of hope and generosity, of radical hospitality and kindness toward the stranger. These ideas have a special place in my heart, not least because of my own experience as an immigrant. Like so many of you, I have been that stranger, and am eternally grateful to everyone who welcomed me here. They did so with open arms, open hearts, and open minds.  Now, standing where I am able to reflect upon my journey thus far, I join with my wonderful, dedicated staff at the Murthy Law Firm to celebrate each of you.

We celebrate you – the immigrant.

Your bravery in leaving behind your family and all that was familiar to you – even your language – is something that can be truly understood by very few. You are part of a grand history of immigrants to this country. The courage of each of you is to be admired.

We celebrate you – the employer.

Your vision to think outside the box in search of the best and the brightest from other lands makes your companies stronger, your communities stronger, the United States stronger. It brings more work to our shores, and helps to rebuild our economy. Your ingenuity, determination, and perseverance are valued.

We celebrate you – the friend.

You may know them from school or from work. They may be your neighbors or own businesses you frequent. By welcoming immigrants you exemplify goodwill toward others. You take the first steps away from fear and suspicion. Your warmth and generosity is a blessing.

So, with that understanding, my wish for all of us comes from that deep place of heartfelt gratitude, and of strong ties that bind us – human being to human being: May we strive to extend goodwill toward others, that can grow and flourish to make peace on Earth an attainable goal achieved by people, that does not have to be enforced by governments or armies.

In gratitude to you and yours,
Sheela Murthy

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