Murthy Law Firm: a GREAT Place to Work!

Not only is the Murthy Law Firm great at handling immigration cases for our clients, our employees love doing it! We know this because we recently used to rate our firm on many of the things that matter when most of our waking hours are spent with a group of people, doing a job, in a place of business.

On a big-picture level, the Murthy Law Firm is all about the American Dream and helping people and businesses in that pursuit. This focus makes people proud to work in our immigration-centered firm. Employees are celebrated for their successes and their loyalty is rewarded; sizable bonuses come annually and at every five-year work anniversary. Murthy Law Firm is a better fit for those who value on-the-job learning and do not require formally structured career development programs. “Sheela Murthy emits this aura of positivism that is so over-the-top that it just spreads throughout the whole firm,” one employee said. “It’s nice to be reminded that the work that we are collectively doing is making a difference in the world, and Sheela reminds us of that.”

When surveyed on the work atmosphere, 92 percent of participating employees responded favorably. This category includes the cooperative and encouraging support of managers and coworkers. It also includes the celebratory atmosphere at our firm, where we pause at certain times during the year to relax and have fun together. On the question of challenges, 86 percent of employees feel there are great challenges here that keep their work interesting and allow them to grow in their skills and knowledge. Regarding rewards, 90 percent of the employees participating in the survey believe there are great benefits and perks offered at the Murthy Law Firm. There is great pride among our employees. In the survey, 91 percent of respondents said they are proud to tell others they work at the Murthy Law Firm, and 93 percent are proud of our attitude toward and involvement in community service.

As one employee put it, “This is one of the most healthy and sane places I have worked. Expectations are very clear and reasonable and you are given the resources needed to do your job. You are never made to feel stupid for asking questions. There is also a great deal of respect given to people in all positions. We never have a celebration without the owners sincerely thanking us for the contributions we have made to the company.”

Sheela Murthy sets the tone at our firm. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and generosity are infectious. We are all learning from her – and from each other – every day we work together.


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