Immigrant Fingerprints on U.S. History – and Future!

Modern forensics has taught us that each fingerprint is unique. Despite this, their patterns all are made of arches, loops, or whorls. Immigrant stories are something like fingerprints. They are completely individual – each one unique. But there are similarities that run through them. Immigrants set out to build a better life for themselves and for their families. Some leave behind them a homeland in deep poverty, or war-torn turmoil. Others come for better educational opportunities or brighter career paths. Many, heartbrokenly must leave loved ones behind, promising to send for them, or to return when possible. Many others bring their families with them, entering together or bringing them gradually – even over decades – as the immigration process allows. Still others meet their life partners in this country, marrying, beginning new families, and setting down roots.

Fingerprints are easy to make out on fingers that are plump and youthful. They tend to be faint on the aged, or those who have endured a lack of proper food or clean water. They may be marked with scars that evidence a difficult life. Everyone who comes to the United States shares in the dream of a better life. They also become part of the rich tradition of immigrants who have built this country.

At the Murthy Law Firm, we understand that you may have left everything familiar, even your native language. What you have done has taken great courage, and we admire you. More and more, as U.S. employers are seeing the light at the end of the economic downturn, they are recognizing the potential that lies in a workforce that includes talent from beyond our shores. Attorneys in our firm are experienced in guiding them through the proper steps to employ foreign workers to strengthen their companies, which strengthens the U.S. economy, and helps the American dreams of many immigrant families come true.


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