One Simple Question!

“I really don’t need a consultation. I just have one simple question. …”
Is this you? Read more to understand why a consultation may be what you need.

Law in the United States, at the federal and state levels, is very complex, with endless subtleties, gray areas, and nuances. Laws, and their applications, change and are subject to refinements, definitions, and interpretations through regulations, court decisions, memos, and policies. More than ever before it has become critical for individuals to seek the advice of knowledgeable legal professionals. At the Murthy Law Firm we are known for providing a wealth of accurate, reliable, free information of a general nature to the immigrant and business communities through the free services on MurthyDotCom.

If your question is regarding the black-and-white reading of U.S. immigration law, you may find helpful guidance through the MurthyChat, in our highlighted FAQs, or on the MurthyForum. If, however, you need to know how the law applies to your specific situation, you need the benefit of a legal consultation. This is because one seemingly minor change in your circumstance from that of the next person, whose situation may appear similar, can lead to the need for a completely different strategy. It is also because advice is not usually rendered based upon that one “simple” question, without more follow-up questions. Attorneys ask the correct, related background questions before giving advice. It is potentially disastrous for an individual to rely upon simple answers, given without the opportunity for the attorney to delve into important facts in the case.

Lawyers are often referred to as counselors. This is because answering legal questions is not just a matter of giving yes and no answers. Lawyers guide their clients, provide strategies and long-term planning, and anticipate potential problems. When you think you have one question, a lawyer may provide answers to the unasked questions that do not even seem relevant to you.

Imagine, for example, that you are seeking directions, so you ask whether a road leads to a certain city. The answer may be yes, because the road does go right into that city. Once told this, you believe you have all the information you need to reach your destination. You could learn this on the internet, free of charge. A better adviser, however, would have informed you that the road has many pitfalls, perhaps there is construction, heavy traffic, and a bridge that is washed out. Perhaps it is critical to fill your car with gas at a certain spot, because there are no more service stations for many miles. A knowledgeable guide can anticipate these problems, even if you do not know to ask the questions to elicit the information. Like an immigration attorney, your guide may be able to suggest an alternative route to help you decide which way is better for you, driving your particular car, traveling with your family with their specific needs, having to reach by a certain time. Sometimes the most important question is, “Am I forgetting to ask anything relevant?” or “Is there anything else I should worry about?”

Over the years, we at the Murthy Law Firm have seen many situations in which mistakes were made because people failed to get good legal advice first, only to have serious problems later that require legal assistance. They often make assumptions or rely upon what their friends tell them. Well-meaning friends and relatives can be helpful, but should not be the sole source for legal advice. In immigration, there are many possible pitfalls – it is much easier to do things right the first time than it is to try to fix them after the fact. Immigration law is not always forgiving of mistakes or lack of knowledge.

So, when you have a question or are uncertain, search through the information that MurthyDotCom provides free of charge. This will give you the background to make your consultation even more productive, and will help you to fully understand the advice you are given. It may also help to identify potential problems that should be discussed with an attorney. Make sure, however, that you seek professional advice when you need it. You will sleep better at night knowing your immigration journey is following the best route possible.


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