Consular Assistance

Many of those who wish to enter the United States must apply for their visas at U.S. embassies or consulates. These visa applications range from nonimmigrant visas for visitors, students, professional workers, and exchange program participants to immigrant visas for those who have been successfully sponsored for U.S. permanent residency, commonly referred to as “green card” status). U.S. consular officers are charged with interviewing applicants for visas to determine if they are inadmissible to the United States for a specific reason and to see if they are coming to the U.S. for the correct purpose. Over the past several years, gaining approval of certain nonimmigrant visas has become difficult in a few countries, and new trends in consular adjudication continue to emerge.

Sheela Murthy Visits U.S. Consulates in India for Clients

Attorney Sheela Murthy visits India several times each year and, with adequate notice, she will request meetings at U.S. consulates in India on behalf of Murthy Law Firm clients. These are opportunities for employers of H1B or L1B workers to meet with senior officials in the nonimmigrant visa sections of the appropriate consulate, accompanied by Ms. Murthy, to present the bona fides of the company, explain the case/s, provide documents, and answer questions. This service is also available to individual and family clients with cases they wish to take to a consulate in India.

The Murthy Law Firm has seen such meetings spur results for cases in which visas were long delayed. Of course, there is no guarantee that pending cases will receive approvals or that visas will be issued within a specific timeframe. For more information on this service, please send inquiries to (if you are inquiring for an individual or family), or to (if you are inquiring for a company).

How We Can Help You

  • At the Murthy Law Firm, our attorneys provide advice and assistance, answering questions as to whether an individual may have trouble being approved for a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa at the consulate.
  • Our attorneys help one devise a plan for visa application and assist in preparation of the supporting evidence to be submitted.
  • We represent individuals who have received Form 221(g) from consular officers, either having had documents requested or having been informed that a delay is occurring.
  • We represent individuals whose visa applications have been incorrectly denied.
  • We assist in the preparation of nonimmigrant visa waiver applications and in waiver applications for those seeking immigrant visas.
  • We at the Murthy Law Firm represent individuals when they have complied with all requests made by a U.S. embassy or consulate, but their visa applications seem to be stuck and not being processed.