L-1 Blanket

An L-1 “blanket” petition is a single petition that can be approved for certain large, multinational companies, eliminating the need to file a separate L-1 petition for each employee the company wishes to transfer to the United States. The qualified employee of a company with approved blanket petitions applies at a U.S. consulate for the L-1 visa based upon the blanket petition and proof of appropriate prior employment with the company abroad.

A blanket petition may be used for visa applications by L1A managerial and executive employees, as well as L-1 specialized knowledge professional employees. The use of the blanket does not alter the duration of the L-1 stay or remove the requirements to demonstrate the employee’s role as being within the L-1 requirements. L-1 blanket is NOT available for the transfer of L1B specialized knowledge positions for nonprofessionals.


Petitioning U.S. Company

  • Must have an office and have been doing business in U.S. for at least one year
  • Must have three or more domestic or foreign branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates and be engaged in commercial trade or services
  • Must have U.S. annual sales of $25 million, a U.S. workforce of 1,000 or have received approval of at least ten individual L petitions in the previous 12 months

Employee / Beneficiary

  • Must meet requirements for the L-1, including working abroad for the parent company, affiliate, or subsidiary for one continuous year within the three years prior

What We Can Do for You

  • The Murthy Law Firm represents employers in the preparation and filing of blanket L-1 petitions.
  • Our attorneys provide legal guidance regarding the requirements for and use of blanket L-1 petitions.
  • We assist with the preparation of L-1 visa applications at U.S. consulates based upon blanket L-1 petitions.