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Immigrant Small Business Owners Boost Economy – Still Face Challenges

As our nation continues its financial recovery following the Great Recession of 2009, Americans are once again enjoying the benefits of a stabilized economy, including lower unemployment rates, better salaries, and an improved housing market in many areas of the country. One important contributor to the recovery that has often gone overlooked is immigrant entrepreneurship. [...]

Sheela Murthy: Next Chair of Maryland’s Chamber of Commerce

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is the only statewide organization that represents the interests of every employer in Maryland, including businesses, universities, hospitals, local chambers, and regional organizations, representing all its diverse industries and various jurisdictions. The next Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce will be Sheela Murthy, founder [...]

H-4s Soon to Feel the Pride of a Job Well Done

Before the recent change in law that will allow certain H-4s to qualify for employment authorization documents (EADs), this population – many of whom are highly educated women from South Asia – was totally dependent. Being relegated to the H-4 dependent category not only made a spouse, usually a woman, dependent for her immigration status; [...]

Immigrants Influence Our Nation’s Taste Buds

Immigrants who have been coming to this part of the world in search of a better life have brought with them the flavors of their homelands, shaping American culture in the process. Their unique skills and experiences, combined with their strong drive to succeed, have had tremendous influence on how all who are here live [...]

Fellowship Aims to Train Journalists in Reporting on Immigration Matters

Over the next five years, it is projected that one-in-three children living in the United States will be from immigrant families. As the fastest growing group of American youths, immigrant children and their respective families face unique economic, social, and educational challenges as they transition to life in the U.S. Their experiences, however, are not [...]

Employee Morale Problems Are an Epidemic at Department of Homeland Security

Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Americans were left feeling frightened and vulnerable. With nearly 3,000 lives lost, the shocking assault on our nation was the most devastating enemy attack in U.S. history, and made it clear that we were facing new and unparalleled threats. Americans looked to then President George W. Bush [...]

Achievement for Immigrants During Academy Awards, but Not Without Controversy

Every year, millions of people around the globe tune in for a night of Hollywood glamour when the Academy Awards air live from Los Angeles, California. The annual ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry attracts worldwide attention as movie stars walk the red carpet in gowns and tuxedos and compete for the coveted [...]

Should Green Card Holders be Granted Voting Rights?

Like many who live in the District of Columbia, David Nolan and Helen Searls are a busy professional couple who stay active in their child’s school and maintain memberships in several local political organizations. They have been taxpaying residents of Washington D.C. for many years, and relish being a part of the unique culture and [...]

AIC Award for Young Immigrants

Do you know an inspiring young immigrant who strives to make a difference in the community? If so, then a nomination for the American Immigration Council’s 2015 Immigrant Youth Achievement Award would show your appreciation of those efforts. The American Immigration Council (AIC) is a top-rated nonprofit organization, based in Washington D.C., that works to [...]

Murthy Has a Finger on India’s IT Pulse

On a recent trip to India, Sheela Murthy, founder and president of the Murthy Law Firm, participated in two important conferences that specifically focused on India’s explosive IT sector and the need in the United States to attract such talent to businesses there. The American Bazaar IT Conclave held its second annual event on January [...]

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