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Thanksgiving: A Celebration of & for Immigrants

Of all the holidays acknowledged and celebrated in the United States of America, Thanksgiving is the one which, perhaps, can most easily be embraced by all who live here – wherever their origins, whatever their beliefs. Most countries or cultures have a harvest festival in their yearly cycle. Here, in 1621, at Plimoth Plantation in [...]

Founder of Fraudulent University that Preyed on F-1 Students Sentenced to Prison

Every year, thousands of foreign nationals enter the United States from around the world to take advantage of the unique academic opportunities offered by American universities. International students, most of whom enter the U.S. in F-1 status, have much to gain in the form of personal enrichment and career advancement by studying at our schools. [...]

Attorneys Convene to Discuss Immigration Paths for Physicians

Murthy Law Firm attorney, Khorzad Mehta, took part in the 1st Annual Physician Immigration Law Institute: Advanced Issues for J-1 Physician Employers and Practitioners, in Washington D.C. November 13th & 14th. The continuing legal education (CLE) sessions included a panel on H1Bs & Cap Strategies, on which Khorzad served with attorneys from other prominent immigration [...]

Murthy Law Firm: a GREAT Place to Work!

Not only is the Murthy Law Firm great at handling immigration cases for our clients, our employees love doing it! We know this because we recently used www.greatplacetowork.com to rate our firm on many of the things that matter when most of our waking hours are spent with a group of people, doing a job, [...]

Online Magazine Aims to Share Diverse Stories of Immigrant Success

As the recent spate of mid-term election advertisements demonstrated, immigration reform remains a hot-button issue in U.S. politics. Candidates on both sides made their positions on legislation providing an eventual path to citizenship for more than eleven million undocumented immigrants a fundamental element of their campaign. Some tout it as a necessary and long-overdue measure [...]

MLF Attorneys Share Their Knowledge at AILA Conference

Several Murthy Law Firm attorneys provided mentoring and guidance to fellow immigration lawyers at the annual conference held by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) DC Chapter on October 22, 2014. The title of this year’s conference was Immigration is Not a Game, but We Can Help You Win! – a theme that ran through [...]

ICE Responsible for Returning Thousands of Stolen Artifacts to Countries of Origin

Most people know the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as the agency responsible enforcing U.S. immigration policy. However, as a component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, ICE also plays a lesser-known role in the return of stolen cultural property to foreign countries. A recent, widely publicized return of ancient Peruvian artifacts that [...]

Philanthropy: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

If one were to wonder about Sheela Murthy’s commitment to philanthropy, it could not be made more apparent than on Saturday, October 19, 2014. On that beautiful autumn day, Murthy participated in two major events in greater Washington D.C. The first was as moderator of a panel at the Philanthropy Conference of the American Bazaar, [...]

Second Wave of Immigration Ushers in Opportunity as Well as Diversity

In a promising sign that our economy is finally recovering after a prolonged recession, the number of foreign-born people in the United States grew by 523,400 last year. This is the biggest jump since 2006, and is fueled in no small part by immigrants from Asia, including a significant number of skilled tech workers from [...]

Immigration and the Movies

The Greater Washington Immigration Film Festival is taking place in D.C.’s Gala Art Deco Theater, October 23-26, 2014, and includes the Washington premiere of Who Is Dayani Cristal? Winner of the Sundance 2013 Cinematography award and nominated in the World Documentary Competition, Who is Dayani Cristal? has been described by the Hollywood Reporter as, “A [...]

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