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Lights in the Darkness

Diwali (or Deepavali) is the Festival of Lights, which celebrates the victory of good over evil – of light over darkness. With religious significance for Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains living in India and around the world, the five-day festival has periods of focused prayer and devotion, with rows of small ghee-filled lamps, as well as [...]

First Confirmed Ebola Case in U.S. Leads to Air Travel Ban Debate

Recent public health concerns over the Ebola outbreak in parts of Africa have led to heated debates and finger pointing in the United States between the two reigning political parties. The death of Thomas Duncan, who flew from his homeland of Liberia to the U.S., before succumbing to Ebola in a Dallas hospital less than [...]

MurthyIndia Celebrates 10 Years!

Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MISPL, or MurthyIndia) opened its doors ten years ago to guide those in India, with the dream of living, studying, and/or working in the United States, through the legal process and to provide assistance in consular matters. MISPL is the only law firm / immigration service in India that is [...]

Nobel Committee: Children + Education = Peace

The announcement of the shared Nobel Prize for Peace should resonate with all of us who believe that children are our future – our hope for tomorrow. While tensions between India and Pakistan are well known, and tensions between Muslims and Hindus are historic, the Norwegian Nobel Committee, in its wisdom, recognized the commonality between its [...]

Newly Elected Indian Prime Minister Makes Promising First Visit to U.S.

For the United States to continue as a leader of technological innovations, the importance of being able to draw from India’s huge pool of talented software engineers eligible for H1B visas cannot be overstated. And, with a projected shortage of 1.5 million software engineers in the United States over the next ten years, our reliance [...]

MurthyDotCom: Always Improving for YOU

Since 1994, the Murthy Law Firm has sought ways to educate and inform immigrants, their families, and their employers on what is most pertinent to them in the area of U.S. immigration law. We built MurthyDotCom to make it easy for users to find the information they need, whether the in-depth articles on a particular [...]

Obama Nominates IndianAmerican as Ambassador to India Following Recent Controversy

As IndianAmericans continue to gain prominence in the business sector, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that they are still woefully underrepresented in the governmental sphere. While there are currently nine IndianAmerican CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, that level of visibility is lacking for IndianAmericans in high-ranking U.S. administrative positions. [See The Rise [...]

Naturalization Benefits Everyone, But Immigrants Applying for Citizenship Face Challenges

By the end of this month, nearly 30,000 legal permanent residents will become United States citizens in more than 160 naturalization ceremonies across the country. As September 17th is both Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, it seems only fitting that the occasion is marked by welcoming new citizens to share in the unique rights, responsibilities, [...]

One Life that Touched Many Others

Not everyone who knows of the Murthy Law Firm knows the other side of this world-renowned legal practice. We describe the law firm as the brain of our operation. It has been working hard for 20 years, filing cases for our clients, helping many immigrants to fulfill their American dreams, and building a reputation for [...]

Special Upcoming Teleconference Series for Students

At the Murthy Law Firm, we are always looking for ways to get immigration information out to those who need it most. During the 2014/15 academic year, our attorneys will present a series of three teleconferences on topics especially selected for foreign national students. We understand that students need to be focused on their studies, [...]

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