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Amidst Turmoil Abroad, Statue of Liberty Reminds us to Have Hope this Thanksgiving

As we approach Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, millions of Americans are looking forward to spending time with friends and family, enjoying food, drink, and festivities, and reflecting on the past year while looking forward to a new one. This time of year is meant for us to cherish those closest to us, to [...]

Thanksgiving: A Celebration of & for Immigrants

Of all the holidays acknowledged and celebrated in the United States of America, Thanksgiving is the one which, perhaps, can most easily be embraced by all who live here – wherever their origins, whatever their beliefs. Most countries or cultures have a harvest festival in their yearly cycle. Here, in 1621, at Plimoth Plantation in [...]

Is the Tech Industry its Own Worst Enemy on Immigration Reform?

One of the enduring ideals of our nation is the concept of the American dream – the belief that anyone, regardless of social class and circumstances of birth, with little more than raw talent and a strong work ethic, can create a life of prosperity here. Immigrants historically have looked to the United States as [...]

New Book Explores President Lincoln’s Relationship with Immigrants

Thanks to the so-called “24 hour news cycle” that has dominated the media for the last few decades, the national debate over immigration has never been more visible. At any given moment, we can turn on our televisions and choose between dozens of news channels featuring an array of talking heads debating the merits of [...]

Diwali: Keeping the Darkness at Bay

As we approached the new millennium more than fifteen years ago, there was reason to hope we were entering an enlightened age – one that was leaving the old prejudices behind. Today? There appears to be a growing intolerance in the world. There are more and more clashes between people with shared histories, but with [...]

Cincinnati Mayor Vows to Attract More Immigrants to His City

As the national debate over immigration continues to intensify, numerous studies conducted on the effects of immigrants on their respective communities consistently suggest that they boost economic prosperity, create jobs, and decrease crime rates. Nevertheless, the current political climate too often is hostile to immigrants. Some politicians base their rhetoric on the perceived dangers of [...]

Economic Growth and Immigrant Influence Continue to Improve U.S.-India Relations

When India declared its independence from Great Britain in 1947, U.S. President Harry Truman dismissed the newly sovereign nation as “pretty jammed with poor people and cows wandering around streets, witch doctors, and people sitting on hot coals and bathing in the Ganges.” Truman’s perception of India was, at the time, all too common. A [...]

New Report Dispels Myths About Immigrants and Crime Rates

Do immigrants increase crime rates? Recent political rhetoric and a renewed focus on immigration by the media have once again raised the question of how immigrants affect the overall safety of the communities they live in. And a recent Gallup poll reveals that over half of all Americans believe that immigrants cause crime rates to [...]

Fifty Years Later, Groundbreaking Immigration Act Continues to Transform America

Since 1965, more than 60 million people have immigrated to the United States in the hopes of beginning new lives. Bringing a vast array of skills and experiences from countries all over the world, they have ushered our nation into an era of unprecedented diversity. But it has not always been that way. Prior to [...]

Newspaper Crowdsourcing for Funds to Explore the Lives of H1B Workers

Here in the United States, in the midst of a long, drawn-out election season, immigration may make for good political fodder. However, such discussions frequently ignore the reality of what it is like for the actual immigrants caught in the crossfire. Their stories mostly go unheard. But a new start-up journalism company, based in California, [...]

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