14 Mar 2017

U.S. Workforce Would Wither Without Immigrants

In the wake of a fiercely contested election, immigration reform remains a hot topic of debate in the United States. A vocal segment of the populace believes that immigrants "steal" jobs from native-born U.S. workers and have an overall weakening effect on the working population....

03 Mar 2017

Immigration Takes Center Stage at Academy Awards

The nascent Trump Administration has garnered national headlines in recent weeks by issuing a rash of controversial executive orders designed to follow through on several of the President's fundamental campaign promises. Among the more divisive of Trump's executive orders are those that seek to divide...

24 Feb 2017

Two Men from India Shot in Hate Crime

This morning's Washington Post carried a chilling article by reporter, Samantha Schmidt: He Yelled 'Get Out of My Country,' Witnesses Say, and Then Shot 2 Men From India, Killing One.We condemn this act as hateful and unAmerican. Our hearts go out to the family of...

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