05 Mar 2007

Bridge Beyond Bars

I was interviewed by the local CBS Channel reporter, Kai Jackson on the Girl Scouts (GS) as a member of the GS Board of Directors in the Baltimore area and the Chair of the Distinguished Women's (DW) Awards Reception planned for April 19, 2007. I...

02 Mar 2007

Top 100

The Daily Record, one of the leading business / legal newspapers in Maryland recognizes the top 100 women leaders for their work but more importantly for their community service, charitable work and philanthropy. I was fortunate to be recognized but more important is the fact...

01 Mar 2007

Personal Platform

My zeal for life is enhanced by the choices I make each day. My chosen career path, the charities I support, my constant attempts to expand my knowledge and understanding of the world – these are my passions. While MurthyDotCom and the MurthyBulletin provide a...