U.S. Citizenship Test: Answers Change After Election Results

In order for a foreign national to naturalize to U.S. citizenship, it is necessary to pass a test on U.S. government and history. Most of the information on the test does not change over time. However, several of the possible questions on the test ask the names of certain elected officials. Thus, after the elections of November 2010, it is necessary to make sure that one is familiar with the most up-to-date information regarding the names of those elected government officials, whose terms began following their January 5, 2011 installation.

Changes Effective After January 5, 2011

After January 5, 2011, some newly elected U.S. senators and representatives began their terms. Thus, the correct answers to questions about the U.S. senators from one’s state, as well as the name of one’s U.S. representative, may have changed. Naturalization applicants should check this information online to make sure that they know and can provide the correct name/s, if asked. The current elected officials can be found online: both senators and representatives.

The November 2010 elections also brought about a change in the individual now serving as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The new Speaker, is John Boehner, a Republican who has replaced Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat.

Other Answers Subject to Change in the Future

In addition to the answers discussed above, there are questions on the naturalization application with answers that could change following future elections. Included in these answers are: the names of the U.S. president and vice president; the governor of one’s state; the political party affiliation of the current president. There is also a question regarding the identity of the current Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, rather than elected for a set term. Thus, they do not change based upon the election cycle, but changes are possible as they retire or might potentially resign for personal reasons; so, this too should be checked before taking the test.

Study Materials Available

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has many helpful study tools available for potential applicants for naturalization to U.S. citizenship. These include flash cards, audio questions and answers, written questions and answers, an online self test, and basic civics lessons, which can be found online. MurthyDotCom has 100 basic citizenship questions available, as well. The USCIS also provides help for preparation for the English language portion of the test, which also can be found online.


The necessary information to prepare for and pass the U.S. citizenship test is readily available online. One should use these resources, and check for any updates due to elections and other changes in government officials. The Murthy Law Firm is available to help individuals who wish to file for U.S. citizenship by guiding them through the legal maze of applicable rules, eligibility criteria, and guidance on how to study for the test. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are also available to answer questions regarding procedures for applying for U.S. naturalization and related matters.

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