06 Nov 2017

I filed my naturalization application a number of months ago and am now just waiting for my interview. My green card will expire in April. If my interview is not scheduled before then, do I have to renew my green card?

Answer One in this situation generally can make an Infopass appointment at the local USCIS office and get a temporary "green card" stamp in their passport. Filing a new I-90 normally would not be necessary. (06.Nov.2017)In frequent sessions of our Chat, Sheela Murthy and other senior...

21 Aug 2017

I am a U.S. citizen sponsoring my mother for a green card. Will non-availability of her birth certificate create problems for her case?

Answer This can definitely lead to the issuance of a request for evidence, because of the requirement that the parent-child relationship be proven. The USCIS will sometimes demand a DNA test in this situation. (21.Aug.2017)In frequent sessions of our Chat, Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys...

31 Jul 2017

I am eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship, but my husband and children will not qualify for another year. Is it advisable for me to wait and apply for the whole family at the same time?

Answer In general, there is no particular benefit for a family to wait to file naturalization applications at the same time, other than the fact that the citizenship interviews generally will be scheduled for the same day. Also, depending on the circumstances, the children may become...

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