I am an F-1 student in a school that does not offer concurrent enrollment. In other words, a student is enrolled in only one class at a time, which s/he has to complete before starting the next class. …

… My school considers full-time enrollment to be 6 credit hours per term. Therefore, I normally take two 3-credit classes one after another during each academic term. My CPT employer filed an H1B petition for me in the beginning of the current term. Therefore, my transcript only shows my current enrollment for one 3-credit class. The USCIS issued a request for evidence (RFE), saying that I am not enrolled full time and my SEVIS record does not show that I obtained permission from my DSO to drop below a full-time course load. Therefore, USCIS said, it appears that I am not maintaining valid F-1 status. Have I violated my F-1 status?


Based on your school policy, your enrollment in the first 3-credit class before the start of the second class should not result in a finding of F-1 status violation. However, you should be able to provide documentation showing your specific school policy. For example, you can provide a letter from your DSO or your program description explaining the successive enrollment policy and an expectation that you will have completed at least 6 credits by the end of the term. (24.Oct.2014)

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